Monday, January 18, 2010

Gogoyoko - Iceland

Gogoyoko is a social music marketplace where music fans can listen to music online and buy music directly from the artists. Rendering recording industry distributors and promoters obsolete, artists can now have complete control over the way their music is sold. Through the customized music store, fans interact and transact with artists, and listen to streaming music via a player that can also be embedded in other websites. The fair play concept of Gogoyoko returns 100% revenue to the registered artists and record labels, with 10% of all advertisement revenues going to international charity and environmental organizations. Artists and music fans can also donate. Apart from the music store, the website incorporates social networking properties where artists, record labels, music fans and professionals can create profiles, interact and contribute to the music scene and the store. Users can review and rate songs and albums, write blogs and get their articles published. Future Gogoyoko features include an interactive music magazine with new releases, exclusive interviews, reviews, special offers, and a worldwide music map that will give users access to concert listings worldwide.

Social networks comprehensive list (work in progress).

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