Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi5 - US

Hi5 is a popular social networking website created in 2003. Registered members can build an online profile with information pertaining to their age, hometown, interests and upload pictures. Users can send friend requests via email, create personal photo albums and set up a music player in their profile. The network of a user's friends is built up to 3 degrees of separation. Hi5 is more popular outside the US, especially in Latin America ranking in 2008 the third most popular social networking site in terms of unique visitors per month. The website claims to have currently more than 60 million active members.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Habbo - Finland

Habbo (formerly known as Habbo Hotel) is a social networking website aimed at the teenage generation. What started as a project for a Finnish ISP, quickly escalated into a multinational endeavor encompassing multiple communities and spanning many continents. With more than 8 million unique visitors per month and an average of 75,000 avatars created per day, it has become a definite success with the teenage population. Features of Habbo include recommended chat rooms, popular group pages, user pages, user interest tags, special groups, discussion forums, email, public rooms, games, guest rooms, while transactions use two types of currency, credits and Pixels.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 - Poland is a social networking website in Poland currently registering over 2 million members. Features of this online community include many discussion forums, photo sharing, finding localized cultural events in cities, job hunting and property selling. Registration is free but requires invitation from one of the members. There are a few additional features for paying members, such as private forum moderation, competitions, larger volume of photo uploading, no on-site advertisements.

Social networks comprehensive list (work in progress). - US is a social networking website based around the ability of users to anonymously gossip about anyone else. This online community gives members the freedom to build anonymously profiles, not of themselves but someone else, with all sorts of information, including uploading photos and posting gossip about them. The website created a lot of buzz with heated debates over free speech versus right to privacy online.

Social networks comprehensive list (work in progress).