Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friendster - Australia

Friendster is a social networking website that allows users to make new contacts, maintain existing contacts and share online content with other users. With functions such as dating, discovering new events, hobbies, bands, and sharing  photos, videos, comments and messages, the site has more than 115 million registered users and over 61 million unique visitors a month. Due to a constant injection of venture capital from numerous VC firms, Friendster continues to grow and evolve, offering features in the form of 40 different types of fan profiles, an open platform developer program in 9 different languages, mobile and text alerts in conjunction with major mobile operators around the globe, and a wallet and payments platform that enables users to physical and virtual micro-spending worldwide (pre-paid cards, mobile, online and credit card payments). It is remarkable that over 90% of the website's traffic comes from Asia.

Social networks comprehensive list (work in progress).

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