Friday, January 8, 2010

Frühstückstreff - Germany

Frühstückstreff (breakfast meeting) is a social networking initiative that puts the true meaning of the word social into practice. Members in more than 50 cities in Europe and Australia meet regularly (usually once a month on Sundays) for breakfast or coffee, and share hobbies and special interests, such as sports, business, food and drink, flora and fauna, womens' topics, culture and lifestyle, love and relationship, mens' topics, job and career, and travel with other members of the community. The site's event calendar covers more than 900 Frühstückstreff events every year including movie nights, concert visits, hiking trips, bike and canoe tours. So far, the site has 15,000 registered members and a locations database of more than 10,000 potential event locations.

Social networks comprehensive list (work in progress).

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