Thursday, March 11, 2010 - Germany

Emphasizing strongly on supporting and encouraging user-generated content, has succeeded in becoming a pure mobile social networking community to combine the advantages of mobile communication with personal content sharing. More than 3 million mobile phone users worldwide can vouch for that. Registration is open to anyone over 14; for underage users parental permission is required. Members can create and customize a personal homepage with information on gender, registration date, age, password, timezone, ignore list, forum settings, zodiac sign and city/country. Sections, such as mailbox, guestbook, diary, forum, chat and friendslists, are available, while allowing users to personalize their privacy settings. Profile pictures, background graphics, avatar designs, wallpapers, themes, emoticons are also editable items, whereas location-based social services like messaging, picture and video blogging, personal mobile social TV and mobile games are given a priority. Two types of users are active on the site, uploaders and downloaders. Due to the website's English, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese versions, it's no wonder there are more than 100,000 personal mobile TV channels so far.

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