Wednesday, March 10, 2010

indyarocks - India

One of India's most popular entertainment websites, indyarocks is an online community and mobile social entertainment platform with a target base of Indians across the world. With free registration and an unlimited freedom of expression, members can build and expand their network of contacts inviting, exploring and sharing with friends, families, classmates, co-workers, artists, organizations and generally anyone interested in the rich Indian culture. Staying in touch with existing relationships and getting introduced to new people, members can share interests and hobbies, contacts and free games, unlimited photos, videos, music, blogs, bollywood reviews and content, views and opinions. Other notable features include free sms, chat rooms, instant messaging and a continuously evolving mobile platform to render the social networking experience as easy and gratifying as possible. The website reports a user base of more than 3,5 million members and growing.

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