Monday, October 11, 2010

Barmano - US

With the founder's aspirations to be a comprehensive resource for "all things bar", including exceptional people and happenings of the beverage and bar industry, Barmano was met with such enthusiasm as to now include more than 53,000 bars in 59 countries and showing no signs of stopping yet! Many cultures and traditions around the world share common elements of pastime like enjoying a great drink, engaging in good conversation and discovering new places. This social networking community, with extended presence in other social communities like Twitter and Facebook, offers members a wide array of features. Reviewing and ranking different places, focusing on award winning, classic and signature cocktails from many spirit brands, catalogued by cocktail name, category, ingredient, flavor and alcohol, sharing information on favorite bars, taverns, clubs and lounges in a massive worldwide bar guide, finding upcoming beverage industry events along with listings for concerts with live music in bars and clubs, are but a few of these features that make contributors so passionate about this place!

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