Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BakeSpace - US

Culinary artists, professional or amateur, have a great meeting salon in the online universe to unfurl aspects of their passion, share unique recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and share morsels of their food-related wisdom. Being a grassroots online community, BakeSpace is a social gathering in a virtual kitchen, where food, friends, family and great conversation are always the base ingredients for guaranteed gourmet delicacies! Membership is free and recipes are creative, passionate and diverse as the members who post them. Finding a recipe is the beginning of an exiting venture, where BakeSpace users can post, search and swap recipes in real time, build and customize their own online kitchen, browse the forums, upload videos, create blogs, share their passions and learn from other members through a unique mentor program. This award winner independent community has been in the limelight since 2006 and keeps growing stronger!


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